Wedding Catering

Wedding Catering Options

It’s a new decade where couples can choose to get married any day of the week. In fact, it’s almost expected to have one weekday wedding for every Saturday one. And just as the opportunities are open as to when a couple can say their vows, the reception and wedding catering options are just as expansive.

Instead of doing a traditional plated meal, the couple may choose to do just a simple cocktail hour with appetizers. This can be an easy way to cut costs and goes perfect with a mid-day wedding. There is a new trend that is popping up called family style dinners. This means an entire table orders the meal and then eats family style, passing around dishes. A less popular option to non-traditional weddings is to serve takeout! The restaurant can have special meaning to the couple or just simply be a favorite. There is no rule that says you can’t have French fries and burgers at your wedding, after all it is your day!

Another option to the plated traditional dinner is whether or not the couple would prefer to have servers or not. Servers will obviously increase the cost of the catering budget. Buffet style dinners have become a popular catering option that seems to be the middle of the road affordability option. A caterer will prepare many different dishes, sides, etc and then guests will serve themselves. A great way to make a wedding feel more personal is to simply have your family cook, it could add to the stress of the big day relying on family to prepare the dinner but cooking out hot dogs and BBQ is always an acceptable option.

Lastly, the most popular question that accompanies many wedding announcements, open bar or not. Most caterers do not provide alcohol in the catering dinner costs, so this is always extra. It’s up to the couple to decide how they would like to address the alcohol portion. Either by choosing to use drink tickets which limits the amount of drinks per person, or having a bar but charging for drinks, or just a fully open bar. Whatever your budget allows, just be sure to make the day about you and not the guests who are attending!

For help with the drink selection, here are our favorite greater Minneapolis area beverage vendors:
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Coffee Roaster: Driven Coffee – Minneapolis
Local Vineyard: Canon River Winery